It is only in adventure
that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves. André Gide, French Author (1869-1951)

GZHA education

Five nights, six days and the rest of your life! Welcome to an amazing Adventure….



It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.
André Gide, French Author (1869-1951)

GZHA - Green Zone Health Adventure

There are currently no course occations for this course.

Is now the time for you to:

  • check your old assumptions about who you really are?
  • embark on a life-changing journey?
  • experience more aliveness?
  • dare to be part of a like-minded community of inspiring, health-conscious and caring people?
  • transform unhealthy thoughts, behaviours and relationships into new ones that will inspire the quality of wisdom, aliveness, compassion, creativity, and resilience that you bring to your life, work, and the world…?
  • increase the level of energy, joy, aliveness and connection in your life?

Well, then this journey is for you!

Imagine, you are about to embark on a great adventure. An adventure of discovery, in order to bring you joy, freedom and well-being. This adventure is designed for you to take on your own, but not alone. It’s a shared journey of mutual support, encouragement and guidance.

Your journey will be guided by three facilitators. You will also be accompanied by a group of like-minded seekers who care about you and want you to achieve your deepest desires and live your best life. We call the journey: The Green Zone Health Adventure – Rewrite Your Life!

The Green zone Health Adventure is an invitation for you to explore your own health and well-being, and to rewrite your life in powerful, positive and accountable ways. You will discover how to heal old wounds, and reinterpret previous unhealthy experiences. The benefits: greater aliveness, energy, passion, health and well-being.

The journey will be supported by six Green Zone Practices, that combined with a creative writing process will help you transform your life:

  1. Mindful Self-Witnessing: Cultivating your capacity for self-reflection and self-observation.
  2. Collaborative Intention: Seeking mutual gain through cooperative attitudes and methods.
  3. Truth: Sharing your truth, creating an environment where it is safe for others to be truthful.
  4. Choice: Taking full responsibility for both your mindset and actions.
  5. Awareness: Increasing your level of consciousness of self, others, and context.
  6. Caring: Sincerely caring about your product, clients, colleagues, community and planet.

During the workshop we will be focusing on the connection between good relations and well-being, through the perspective of three aspects of human health (the):

  • physical (body)
  • psychological/mental (mind)
  • existential (spirit)

We’ll be using a variety of powerful, proven methodologies for unleashing your full potential and creating your best life. We’ll be using FIRO Theory as the underlying psychological model for building greater health, well-being and aliveness. We’ll incorporate aspects of The Human Element, Radical Collaboration, mind-body medicine, interpersonal neurobiology, psychology, a variety of spiritual traditions, contemplative science, organizational health, and executive leadership. And we’ll practice real-time feedback, small group and paired activities, visualization, and self-reflective techniques to create a learning laboratory for self-exploration and awareness.  We’ll also use creative writing as a healing and exploration tool; you’ll start writing the book on (and maybe of…) your life!

Workshop language will be English. If requested you’ll also have a chance to write in other languages…
Workshop will be carried through with minimum 10, maximum 20 participants. No special prerequisites, all though being interested in your own personal growth will be a great start!

We (your three facilitators) hope to see you there. Welcome, fellow travellers!

Celeste, Kurt & Magdalena


Celeste is a global consultant, trainer and coach who is passionately committed to living a fully alive, meaningful, healthy and fun life.  Celeste is most alive and vital when learning and exploring. She loves to learn new things, both physical and mental. She feels most alive at the top of a snow-covered mountain, hiking through the woods, doing yoga, teaching, and facilitating the emergence of people and ideas. She is a seeker who enjoys sharing and collaborating with fellow travellers.


Kurt is an experienced consultant, trainer and coach and has been working with groups and leadership training for over 30 years. He feels most alive being in situations when people explore themselves in a loving and supportive way. He is curious and often trying to find new ways of thinking and doing things. It´s so beautiful to be in the moments where real meetings happen, where I can look at myself with curiosity, love and compassion.


Magdalena is a former journalist who used to write about other people, and who’s now encouraging others to find their own story, safely supported by the Green Zone principles. She feels fully alive when there is space for all aspects of human life; and when she’s creative and steps far outside the box – preferably inviting others to accompany her and do the same.