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GZHA - Green Zone Health Awareness

The course gave me a deeper understanding of the cause of the mental barriers I still carry within me despite previous journeys in personal development and exploration of my defensive behaviors. In a smooth way, I got  to explore the origins of my fears by experiencing with my body and creative writing. Methods that in this exploration released a new strength and direction of what I want to create more of in my life. I go back to my notes from the course when I feel I lose my thread and fall into old patterns .
For who decides when it 's my turn to live? Who decides if my feelings are justified ? Who decides about the choices I want to make? If not I? I have the power to rewrite my life. And that experience to me is being fully alive.

Vivianne Thomsson, Lic. Trainer The Human Element®& Radical Collaboration®
Ledarutveckling, Processledare, Coach och Vägledare, Jagutveckling AB


I, for one, need help from time to time to really let go, relax and listen to my own voice. The GZHA was this and also a learning experience framed with kindness, by a facilitators' team that I deeply trust. It was the exhilarating experience of a thorough and new process, unexpected ways of getting to express myself, sitting in the grass, swimming in open water... and an unbelievable amount of gifts. I arrived at the course 6 months pregnant, rather tired and somewhat worried. When I left, something had shifted and I really appreciate the focus I had in the following months.

Magdalena Musiala, facilitator and trainer


UGL in English - Understanding Group and Leader


It is a very good course. It will take you on a inner journey and give you memories for life!
The course is very valuable in terms of opening your mind and senses and how you interact within a group.
What do you think of the exercises and assignments that you caried through during the course?
Tough, funny, scary, inconvenient etc
The course helped me to understand more about myself as a person as well as my behavior in different situations. In fact, during the UGL I've discovered parts of me that I was not aware of before. The course also helped me to enhance my interaction with others as it gave me different points of view and ideas that will be of use to me in my daily life. One of the biggest points that I will take with me is the importance of the reflection process. I really believe that this course helps to open the mind of people and the growth andimprovement of the relations in life.

Sava Cederholm, trainers/uality leaders, care and administration in Helsingborg


THE  - The Human Element & RC - Radical Collaboration

Absolutely !!! These courses are the best I have attended. Carry me so much personally experienced. There are no other courses that I have taken, that comes close to these. The tools I have recieved that I carry with me in every situation. I'm thinking and values all the time. Experiencing the concept as amazing and facilitators have been absolutely incredible, especially in to guide me and others in understanding the various signals and sensations. Great tribute to Inger Johanne, Kurt, Katherine and Michael!!!

Ann Maliniak, Special Education/Manager Education, LIF-the searching pharmaceutical companies



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